Beer Margarita Recipe

Beer Margarita Recipe

Original Beer Margarita Recipe

• 1 lime, cut into 8 wedges
• 1/4 cup coarse salt
• 2 (12-ounce) bottles your favorite beer, chilled
• 1/2 cup frozen concentrate limeade, thawed
• 1/2 cup chilled tequila
• Ice cubes
Rub lime wedges around rims of 4 margarita glasses. Dip rims into salt to coat lightly. In a medium pitcher, combine beer, limeade, and tequila. Fill prepared glasses with ice, then with margarita mixture. Garnish with remaining lime wedges. Serve immediately.

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Texas Beer Margarita Recipe

• 6 ounces tequila (preferably white or blanco)
• 12 ounces beer (any will do)
• 6 ounces frozen limeade concentrate (or substitute • 6 oz Margarita Texas Mix)
• Ice cubes to suit
• Lime flavored salt

To Make:

Cover the rim of the glass with the salt.  Pour all ingredients into blender and blend well.We used Corona for the beer portion which made for a smooth drink. Lighter beers probably work best to fit closer with the margarita style.  The lime flavored salt for the rim was the perfect compliment to the Corona. This is one of Marie's favorites.


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Limeade Beer Margarita Recipe

• 1/2 can Tequila (your brand choice)
• 1/2 can Concentrated Limeade juice
• 1/2 can Beer (your choice)
• Ice

To Make:

This recipe calls for the 1/2 can of Limeade Concentrate to be added to the blender first. This is because you will empty the other half can of juice to a bowl and refrigerate in order to be able to use the can as a measuring tool for the evening or event. Using the can add the ingredients. In blender blend first 3 ingredients with ice, coat the edge of each glass with lime wedge and salt. Poor blend into glass and serve. The beer and limeade are amazing together. Its a surprise result.
submitted by: Julie Adair


Ultimate Beer Margarita Recipe

• Lime wedge
• Coarse salt
• Juice of 1 lime
• 3/4 tsp sugar (or sugar substitute)
• 1/2 oz orange-flavored liqueur (such as Grand Marnier)
• 1/2 oz triple sec
• 2 oz gold tequila
• High-quality lager-style beer

To Make:

[1] Combine the lime juice, sugar, orange liqueur, triple sec, tequila, and a big handful of ice in a cocktail shaker (or blender). [2] Shake the margarita for a good 20 seconds, then add a splash of beer. [3] Strain into a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice and garnish with a wedge of lime. [4] Serve.

Nutrition facts for drink shown (made with sugar substitute): 250 calories, 18 g carbs, 0 g fat

A study published in the Quarterly Review of Biology found that limes kill 25% of the bacteria in most food. In addition, these little green gems contain limonin, a substance that has been shown to help fight diseases, including lung and colon cancer.

A splash of beer adds saltiness and a touch of effervescence to your drink. And it's good for you: An Oregon State University study found that the hops in beer contain substances called prenylated flavonoids, a potent form of antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and-oh, yeah-Alzheimer's disease.

To salt the glass, rub the outside rim with a wedge of lime and lightly press the glass into a plate of kosher salt. Fun fact: Bartenders first started salting margarita glasses to hide the flavor of low-quality, inferior tequila.

The addition of Grand Marnier to the traditional margarita recipe (tequila, triple sec, and lime) mellows the tartness of the lime juice and the harshness of the alcohol, making for a smoother, more balanced drink.

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